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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Restoring Scientific Integrity Sign-On

Calling all scientists -- you should sign this statement. It's a petition organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists to protest political interference in scientific policy-making by the Bush administration. They started it about two years ago with lots of publicity and a raft of Nobel laureates and other bigwigs signing on, but it's still going strong and we're nearing 10,000 signatories. I'm pretty sure you won't win a prize if you're the 10,000th person, but your name will be there right alongside all those famous profs. And reaching this milestone will hopefully drum up more support for the idea that quality science is really, really important and shouldn't be tampered with for political gain.

And in case you were wondering, grad students can and should sign the petition -- a "scientist" is anyone working on real scientific research. Even if you don't quite have the Ph.D. yet, it's a good time to stand up and be counted.


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