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Monday, September 18, 2006


I got a job last week and I'm starting work this Wednesday!

This means, sadly, that I won't be interning with Student Pugwash, although I will still continue to write this blog. Actually, I had thought that CDTT would end up being something of a chronicle of my job search. Everyone says it takes 3 months to find a job in DC, no matter what your qualifications are, so that would have given me 3 months of quality content: the thrill of the chase, networking, application writing, considering options, the agony of a few rejection letters and eventual triumph. Great story arc, eh?

Still, I can't say I'm disappointed with finding a job right away, even though it makes for less exciting reality TV. Quite the contrary, the position looks really awesome: I'll be a Researcher/Analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists, working on the issue of Scientific Integrity. I'm really excited to find a position that combines my scientific background with advocating for a better world. And UCS is a great organization so if you're not familiar with them, check out their website -- -- they do some really essential work.

So the blog may change a bit, but I'll still try to put up some job search tips and post interesting job opportunities for people coming out of the academic world. And I swear that I'll start posting at a more rapid clip now that the job search and interview craziness is over.


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